Wednesday, 1 February 2017

New Leaders

As we usher in a new month Nipe Sauti Africa ushers in new leaders. Click HERE for the minutes of the previous meeting. Let's all support this team.

1) DIRECTOR-Dancun Mnyogha
2) Chairperson-Mandela Sangura
3) Vice chairperson-Anne Mbithe
4) Secretary-Teresa Chepgetich
5) Coordinator-Nangabo Dennis
6) Vice coordinator-Akinyi Sharon
7) Public Relations-Emmy Chemtai
8) ICT Manager-Alfayo
9) Advicers-Hans and Diana

1) Jamelin Omachi
2) Velma Kyalo
3) Racheal Wangui
4) Juliana
5) Ann Nyokabi
6) Feksi

1) Mentorship-Duncan
2) Fundraising-Mandela Sangura and Feksi
3) Environment-Ngige James
4) Community Service-Benita
5) Arts and Talents-Ateya Njike and Collins
6) Entrepreneurship-MaryAnn
7) Health and Prolife-Ronald Chumba

Friday, 13 January 2017

Nipe Sauti Africa Elections


Under the powers granted by Nipe Sauti Africa's constitution, the chairperson formally called for the elections which will be held on 28th Jan 2017.
All positions are vacant.

Venue: Texas Cancer Centre, Mbagathi rd-Nairobi
Time: 10 am-1 pm (3 hrs)

  • 10 am-12 noon: Clean Up Exercise
  • 12 noon- 1 pm: Election of Officials
  • Appointment of director

2.Deputy Chairperson
4.Assistant Coordinator
6.Assistant Treasurer
8. Leaders of Chapters (Mentorship, Fundraising, Environment, Arts & Talent, Public Relations...)

  • Texas Cancer Centre, off Ole Sagale Link rd. It is also behind Total Petrol Station.
  • 5 minutes walk from T-mall, Langata rd.
  • 5 minutes walk from Strathmore University

Mandela C Sangura - 0702 7418 98
Mnyogha Duncan - 0711 3808 06
Trizah Chep Sesa - 0723 2520 05

Mwl Nangabo - 0714 7645 48

Friday, 6 January 2017

Call for Volunteers

Nipe Sauti Africa invites volunteers to join its great team. Most of the voluntary activities are held on Saturdays with a few on Sundays in Nairobi. However, the organization normally have activities outside of Nairobi.

We are seeking individuals who will volunteer in clean-up exercises, high school mentorship, fundraising for various projects and many more.

As an organization we are guided by the principles of commitment, humanity, transparency and integrity and universality.

How to JOIN:
Download and fill the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM then submit it to

Wednesday, 21 December 2016



Mandela Sangura- Chairperson     
Teresa Chepgetich-Deputy Chairperson
Mnyogha Dancun – Treasurer
Nangabo Dennis- Coordinator
Sharon Akinyi- Asst-coordinator
Other Members
2.      AGENDA
1)      Preliminaries
2)      Chair introduces 2016 officials
3)      Review of 2016 activities
4)      Membership contribution
5)      Welfare fund
6)      Ratify the creation of the office of the patron & deputy treasurer
7)      Submission of 2016 agenda
8)      Treasurer’s report
9)      Declare seats vacant
10)  Awarding certificates
11)  AOB
12)  Adjournment
The annual general meeting kicked off at 10.30am with a word of prayer led by Teresa Chepgetich.
The chair Mandela Sangura introduced leaders holding office year 2015- 2016. He also introduced officials holding officials on acting capacity.
The chair listed out the major activities that Nipe Sauti Africa had accomplished in the year 2014-2016. The events included;

·         Anti-jigger campaign in Bungoma county 2014
·         Street- feeding program September/ December 2014
·         Community clean-up Gachie constituency
·         Visit to mother Teresa Missionary-Langata Nairobi County
·         Hospital visits
·         ICT Mashinani Bisuche secondary school Bungoma County
·         Nuru day care Kibera Soweto Nairobi County
·         Texas cancer center visits – Mbagathi road Nairobi County
·         Texas cancer center clean up exercises – Mbagathi road, Hurlingham & Lenara rd, Nairobi County
·         Cheryl Children’s Home visit Ngong Nairobi County

·         Mentorship programs
·         Teambuilding Karura forest Nairobi County
·         Pillar of Hope children’s home- mega visit- Kajiado County

Nipe Sauti ambassadors agreed on an annual contribution of 1000ksh, which shall be contributed quarterly payable every last Friday hence, a fixed amount of 250ksh. An amount of 50ksh shall be paid as penalty for delayed payment (quarterly).
After a long discussion on rates to be charged members agreed that all new individuals willing to join Nipe Sauti shall be charged 100ksh as a membership fees. This amount shall be paid after probation period of one month after taking part in four NSA activities.
Members also agreed to create a special kitty that will cater for any emergency and special events for Nipe Sauti Ambassadors. Each member shall contribute 50ksh to the kitty. The kitty will be managed by the office of the deputy treasurer.
Dancun Mnyogha suggested creation of the office of an assistance treasurer. Members discussed and found it necessary. The office was created and given responsibility to handle the special kitty in Nipe Sauti treasury.
Members also suggested on persons of interest to be approached for the position of a patron, which all members found necessary. Among those suggested included;
Bob Collymore- Safaricom,
 Mr. Liko- Pesapal
Willis Raburu-Citizen TVs
Eng.Nyamai Joshua

An activity shall be held at cancer Texas Mbagathi road on the 28th January 2017. Agenda
Election of new officials
Treasurer’s report
Members were urged to send their full names to the office of the current coordinator Nangabo Dennis for shortlisting for election of new officials before January 28th 2017.

The current treasurer Dancun Mnyogha committed to give his report on the cancer Texas Bagathi 28th January 2017.
 Mr. Sangura in his mandate as the chair declared seats vacant of all officials. However, current officials would hold office on acting capacity until new officials take over. Barrack 2015/2016 director having resigned was removed as one of the signatory. Vincent too was dropped as a signatory.

All members presented were awarded certificates for being active ambassadors of Nipe Sauti Africa in the year 2014/2016.
MIN/10/07 AOB
Dancun Mnyogha mentioned on the project of UAP with would be finalized. He also invited Nipe Sauti members to join Kuresoi Nakuru County event on the month of December. Mandela Sangura invited members on a visit to Kitengela pillar of hope children’s home.
Members suggested on having two events set aside for team building rather than one every year in the Nipe Sauti calendar.
At 2.10pm Muisyo Ann closed the meeting with a word of prayer. Next meeting venue shall be at Mbagathi cancer Texas on January 28th 2017.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Kitengela Mega Charity Event-Report by Chepngetich

The event took place on 3rd September 2016. The day started at 9 a.m, with most Nipe Sauti Africa members gathering at Strathmore University to catch a bus heading to Pillars of Hope Children’s home.   The morning was marked with much excitement; members met new friends from Community Outreach Programme.(Strathmore).

NSA members had contributed well towards the charity event; the money collected was used to purchase some essential items that were urgently needed by Pillars of Hope Children.

The membres arrived at the children's home at around 11 a.m. They were received well by the persons'  in charge who gave a brief history of the home. The children's home has no gate or a proper fence meaning anyone can enter or leave the home with or without notice. The compound is too small for the 83 children, but it has been fully utilized: It composes of 'mabati' classrooms, dormitories, kitchen, washrooms, an open office space on top of a wooden staircase.

The day was full of fun activities: cool music, lot of dance and 'weight cutting',
'kujuana forum', cooking, cleaning, photographing and talent shows. Some children had a chance to give their personal experience: their stories were so touching. The host and the guest had a blast!

The Pillars of Hope Charity Event ended well, all Glory to God!

Kindly members feel free to continue with the good work of giving towards Pillars of Hope Children's home- directors number MOSES 0704285085
By: Trizah Chepng'etic- Deputy Chairperson

Sunday, 28 August 2016


This activity took place in Kibera - Soweto on Saturday the twentieth. We arrived at Nuru Daycare at around half past nine, after having a balancing challenge test on the bridge to Nuru Daycare. The children were awake, dressed up so smart, and as if they knew we coming, waiting for us. After their warm welcome. We formed two groups. The first group went to the Kitchen and the second one remained with the children, to entertain, talk and keep them busy.
The place was not big enough to play some games, and the children were less than ten years old. They were of mixed gender –boys and girls. We had a photo taking session, we sang and danced with the children, it was fantastic and excellent. The best part was not the smile we put on their faces, but the feeling of fulfillment in our hearts through their smile and joy.
Leila, a child from Nuru Daycare, led us in singing several songs. She was audible, courageous and sang so nicely. Some of them go to school and others do not. At ten, porridge was served to the children, the younger ones below four years are usually fed. It was so nice. After the porridge session, we sang, danced and face painted the children.
Lunch was served at around half past twelve. The kitchen crew prepared rice, minced meat, and cabbage. The meal was delicious. They joined us in feeding them and mingling with the children. After lunch, they had some moments of rest and played. Sweets, then 'TamuTamu', then juice was served. The children were so satisfied. After the juice others slept. It was a celebration or party to them, Christmas to others.
The last session was handing over what the team had come with (mattresses, baby's clothes, flour, popcorns among others) to the organization -Nuru Daycare Children Home. This was followed by a vote of thanks from Pastor James Obedi -the group’s founder, and a brief history of the organization and the organization’s vision. Other teams in our midst like the Networking team also acknowledged. They were so happy to join us and look forward to us partnering with them. We also had visitors in our midst, it was a blessing. By the time we were leaving, it was as if we had lived with those children for years. We had won a special place in their hearts, and if it were possible, they would not let us go.
Nipe Sauti Africa chairman appreciated everyone for their presence and also the organization for welcoming us and giving us the chance to spend time with the children. The day's activity ended with a word of prayer from Miss Teresa Chepngetich.

By: Joan Shisha

My Experience in Bungoma

Sunday morning the 7th August 2016. The favourable weather gave us an opportunity to explore the peaceful community and hike the nearest hill. It was exciting for five members of Nipe Sauti Africa to walk through the city accompanied by our tour guide Musa. Everyone we came across on our way was kind enough to greet us. The community involves in cattle and food crop farming and retail businesses.

We were determined to explore every corner of the hill. From the tall green grass, hidden paths, caves, and trees to get to the peak of the stony hill.
The breathtaking view would allow us a shout, sing, and dance with every memory captured and kept safe behind the camera scenes.
Despite Conrad, Lwanga getting a knee injury the highlight of our expedition was making it to the peak of stones that sat still on each other as if they would fall at any trigger. Our intention was to explore and name the hill Nipe Sauti Africa if we were the first people to visit the place which we were not. Tired, hungry and thirsty it was time to get down the hill.
Our day would be crown by a tasty meal courtesy of our host. With the local delicacy ugali, matoke and chicken in plenty.

The evening had come time to bid Bungoma county goodbye there I got a chance to ride a bicycle as a means of transport for the first time.

With our mission ICT Mashinani accomplished we enjoyed Bungoma county's rich Bukusu culture, attractive cites, and hospitable people
Author: Anne Muisyo